28 June 2011

Smartphone Basics UI for Symbian

Symbian has stood out from other platforms by supporting themes and every Symbian user should know that themes give there phone a new look and feel.Problem was that when Symbian touchscreen devices was launched no real innovation was done to make it touch friendly.Themes gives a new look but doesn't exactly solve the problem.
So some great developers has made desktop replacements which i have to admit brings iPhome like UI.Two such apps that i like and use are Voyager Home Screen and NDesk.

Voyager Home Screen
Voyager Home Screen is a home screen replacement that in fact replaces the entire ui of the phone to one like that of iPhone.


Ndesk well works similarly but replaces the menu only and not the home screen,it is also light weight.


I recommend you try out both and use the one you like if not here are some theme recommendations

Nokia Evolve official theme with Symbian Anna icons 
WP7 Magenta Dark theme by fsx design
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