10 February 2011

Voyager Home screen brings iPhone like UI to symbian

Want your phone's UI to be as useful as iPhone or Android Voyager Home screen does just that.It brings all the UI goodness you will see on an android smartphone to the symbian.Get a wonderful homescreen and easy acess to your favourite apps.

Home Screen

Once the app is installed it takes over the entire UI giving your phone a new look and feel.There are two homescreens to select one with HTC Sense UI like homescreen as shown above and another with analog clock.You can add your favourite feeds and tweet from here.To browse through the feeds just slide it left or right.Only the headlines are shown and you can select only from predefined sources.Also you cant see any tweets.The application shortcuts are not cutomisable either.

Another nice feature is missed call and message notifications

Menu or lack of it

The old boring menu is changed with iPhone style app shortcuts which you can access by flicking left or right.On flicking right from home screen you can easily access all in built as well as installed applications.Getting to your favourite app was just a matter of flicking left or right and it was mostly a smooth experience with occasional accidental opening of apps.That said it may be me being not used to it.


You can easily rearrange,move or delete the app shortcuts.Just hold the icons down for few moments and they will have a nice wobbly effect(don't no that's the correct word) and you can rearrange the icons,move it to another page,or uninstall by dragging it to the bottom recycle bin icon.A nice feature is you can create folders like symbian's default UI by just placing an icon over the other which you want to add to a folder and name it.

The app is the best ui replacement i have seen and available for free on ovistore the app is a must try for fans of iphone like UI.The app in my short usage performed well and was fast better than the builtin ui.It is nicely integrated with total ui that you don't feel it as a separate app.
A couple of things i would like to see are email in homescreen,cutomisation of homescreen shortcuts,a social feed(facebook and twitter) also will be nice. 
So this is an app i recommend you definitely try and if you do so please leave commnets on your take on the application.Here is short video