17 February 2011

N-Desk an alternative menu for symbian

Last week i reviewed a homescreen alternative voyager homescreen bringing iphone like ui for symbian smartphone's.Now another app instead of replacing homescreen replaces the menu and adds some cool features.

Instead of going through the whole hirearchial folder menu,here all the app shortcuts are listed and you just have to flick left or right.There is a bottom toolbar of customisable shortcuts for easy acess to your favourite apps.The application i feel is much faster than using the default menu.You can create folders if you want to.

Compared to voyager homescreen here are the main differences voyager changes homescreen,n-desk the menus. home screen is usable in n-desk and also ability to drag and drop icons to folders in n-desk,much more snappier.Try out both and give the verdict in the comments.Both of these apps shows that a change in ui will not cause the phone to go slow are you listening nokia?
http://store.ovi.com/content/57245(ndesk 2.4 link shows not available for this country in india anybody else have better luck).