07 April 2011

MOLOME Shoot and share Instagram for symbian

For those of who wished to see instagram on symbian or wanted a nice photo sharing app MOLOME does just that and more.So for those of who doesn't know what Instagram it is a photo sharing app availble only for iPhone users with only one purpose share photos to twitter,facebook and flickr.The app allows you to apply some quick touch up via filters and upload to any of the above said networks.Also follow your friends to see what they have shared.
MOLOME is an app that brings the same functionality to symbian smartphones and i have to say they have done great.The app is built with qt and i feel qt is the one thing that Nokia has gotten right.So youcan download the app for free from ovi store and requires a onetime download of qt files(automatic) and you are all set to go.

Once installed fire up the app,take a pic,apply a filter and share.You can share to twitter and facebook.You can follow your friends to see what they have shared and their is a popular section featuring popular photos shared by other users.The app is fast and looks great and makes me want to share this app.I feel this will be a killer app for symbian.

What i would like to see on the next version are
  • support for more services like flickr
  • some geotagging support
  • option to change the default storage to memory card
  • supporting higher resolutions
Don't wait go and download the app from ovi store now.