08 April 2011

Nokia 5230 Firmware v50.0.000 update Wishlist

Update:The update is now available Nokia 5230 Firmware Update 50.1.001 starts today
Update:The version 50 update may be soon available read the post
Nokia 5230 Nokia's cheapest touchscreen smartphone and still the cheapest smartphone with the best features high resolution beautiful screen 3g,30fps 16:9 video playback,480p video recording,what they have let down is no wifi,slow processor and insufficent ram.
So what can Nokia do give us a better firmware to make our lives easier.In our facebook page i had announced i will be writing a series about custom firmwares for Nokia 5230 which brings cool new features and i will.
But before i want to make Nokia hear the features we wan't from Nokia on the next update,why?nothing beats getting firmware from official channel.After reading if you have a suggestion just add it to the comments or send to me directly using contact us page,also go to the thread on Nokia discussions and show your support by adding your wishlist there
Here goes
  • please make the phone a faster one solve the memory errors and varying speed of the phone.We wan't a responsive phone not a phone that takes two minutes to do some thing.
  • Solve the restart problem yes even after the v40 update the restart problem has not been removed
  • please backport n8 pr2.0 and pr 3.0 updates,i know not all of them can't be but there are some
  • backport the pr2.0 browser,split screen keyboard,new email
  • please solve the memory problems both ram and phone memory both goes critically low even with small usage
  • please update to ovi store 2.0 and make the latest qt version builtin so many great qt apps are released
  • please make the ui faster lower animations but make it fast.
Have your own wishlist feel free to add it to the comments and also come add it to the thread on Nokia discussions.Don't forget to share to as much person's you can more the better.