09 November 2010

Difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

Image representing Opera Software as depicted ...Image via CrunchBase
Opera makes one of the best looking and multplatform  browsers available.There is opera desktop browser for windows,linux and mac.For mobile there are two options Opera Mini and Opera Mobile.While opera mini  works on virtually any device the mobile is for smartphones.So if you are a smartphone user(symbian,android,maemo,windows mobile) you have the option of choosing the either.
If you are confused on choosing a version here is the difference between the two browsers 
  • Opera Mini always uses Opera’s advanced server compression technology to compress web content before it gets to a device. The rendering engine is on Opera’s server.
  • Opera Mobile is a full Internet browser for mobile devices. The full web-rendering engine – Opera Presto – is run on the phone using the phones’ hardware to download and display webpages.
  • This means that if you are either on a limited data plan or on a slow connection opera mini is the best choice.
  • Opera mobile is the way to go to get features that make better use of hardware like geotagging and better rendering of websites(that is websites looks and functions like a desktop browser).
  • Opera turbo is available for opera mobile which can make use of the opera's compression technology to speed up the connection but rendering will be done by phone hardware.
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