07 September 2010

App Review:Wikipedia widget

Wikimedia FoundationImage via Wikipedia
What ever topic you type for finding an answer Wikipedia will be there first with an indepth article.Wikipedia is a fine example of what collabration can bring through.So a wikipedia app is great to have so that you don't have to wait for the site to load and you can easily acess the topic you are looking for.
From the symbian foundation the one which spearheads the devolpment of symbian os has released a useful app that just makes using wikipedia easier.The app shows a stripped down version of wikipeidia so that it loads faster with options for searching and also shows related pages under each articles.The app also saves a history of your sarches and caches it so that you can easily read the page later.
You can get it from Horizon the symbian foundation app store.Click here to download
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