23 December 2010

How to use offline maps in Ovi Maps

With the release of Ovi Maps 3.06 nokia has added offline maps to s60v5 and symbian^3 devices.This allows you to use ovi maps without having to worry about data charges.

  1. Download Ovisuite from here and install it.
  2. Download ovimaps 3.06 beta from here
  3. Install it on your computer and select maps
  4. You will be asked ovisuite or ovi maps online
  5. For the first time use ovimaps online.
  6. Now exit the application and connect your phone to ovisuite
  7. Be sure you have an active internet connection
  8. select maps on ovisuite
  9. The list of maps will be shown and you can select which location you want to use
  10. also download the voice guidence
  11. after the both have been downloaded open ovimaps to goto settings->internet->connection
  12. select offline
  13. Now your phone will use data only when searching for new places(just searching) or syncing favourites,checking weather.
  14. Note some countries maps will be of very large files be sure to select memory card for installing the maps