01 November 2010

WebApps:4 twitter Web Apps for Your Nokia

Web Apps are apps that run on the browser and here are a list of twitter web clients that are as useful as the free apps like tweets60 and trill but are also as good looking as paid ones like Gravity.

  1. Twitter Mobile

Twitter Mobile is the offical site and supports all the basics you need and is optimised for Nokia Touch phones.



What makes logpost apart is its simple but elegent user interface.Logpost supports all the features of twitter mobile but also more.The app worked smoothly on the s60 browser.



     As the name suggest the site is designed for iphone safari browser but it also works on the s60 browser.The site has all the advanced features like Logpost but is more like a native app.


Hahlo like itweet behaves like a native app but is more light on the color and is resources.The UI is wonderful but like itweet hahlo is designed for apples safari so eveything may not work as expected but i strongly reccomend this as an option if you are looking for a twitter web client.