10 October 2011

Symbian Anna v7 beta custom firmware available for Nokia 5230

Symbian Anna v7 custom firmware has been released last week and was made available to Nokia 5800,5530 and X6.The Nokia 5230 version was pushed back due to some problems and a new beta version of the firmware has been released.

The new features include

  • Cores Based on the new Nokia N97 for better management of the RAM(Different for 5230 version)
  • Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz
  • New web browser with improved interface v7.3.1.25
  • Emoticons support for messages and symbols
  • Horizontal menu in full screen with the bar down
  • Language English and Spanish Latino
  • Fixed keyboard in portrait mode to make typing easier
  • Ovi Maps 6.3 built-Final (Exclusive Version)
  • Pure optimized Nokia Sources
  • Integrated the new store NOKIA STORE 1.16
  • New default theme courtesy of Anna Symbian @ aj23thememaster
  • Improved Sidebar much smaller improvement in all space applications
  • Full QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna
  • New image on and off
  • Unlock Unlock tap that increases memory performance and battery
  • Behavior rescheduled lights
  • Firmware thorough cleaning to get more free space.
The beta version can be downloaded from Symbian Latino  and here is the tutorial,please remebr to install phoenix,JAF and also follow video carefully.

NOTE:Use custom firmwares at your own risk,it can essentially void your warranty and even brick your phone