10 October 2011

Facial 4.0 released

Facial is a light weight Facebook client for Symbian smartphones and has reached version 4 with new features ui changes and more.

Here are the changes

  •         Homescreen Widget(not for Nokia 5230)

                       Content: Profile pic OR shared pic, timestamp, sender name, post
                       Auto & manual scroll
                       Notification, message & feed counters
                      Timestamp when feed was refreshed
                      Refresh now button

  • Full Facebook Messages (reply/delete/manage via Mobile Facebook site)
  • Feed browser (scroll through full home feed posts)
  • Like/unlike comments
  • Delete own posts and any posts in my wall (ONLY if they are done with Facial)
  • Delete own comments and any comments in my wall
  • Auto poll does full home refresh always
  • New option to stop auto refreshing at certain time of the day (default 23:00)
  • Clicking any of the main tab's "topic" refreshes it
  • "Back" animates different to direction
  • Events view changed to show ALL events ever been invited to
  • Visual improvements
  • Progress bar for loading photos
  • Network connection handling improved