21 September 2011

UC Browser 7.9 released for Symbian and Java

UC Browser 7.9 has been released with new features and fixes including day night notifications and better bookmarks.The whole browser looks pretty neat and fast.

The changes are

  • Takeing care of your eyes- Auto Notification between night mode and day mode.
  • Browsing whenever and wherever –more powerful bookmark
  • Filling the Laguage gap--support Arabic language
  • Fixed access connection timeout error--Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.
  • Fixed image loading failure--Fixed timeout error in loading image.
  • Optimized Cache management--Cache will be adjusted automatically. You don’t need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.
  • Make ur eyes more colorful--support more image format
Download the latest version from wap.ucweb.com on your mobile or here