22 September 2011

Facial 3.0 now available

Facial facebook client has been updated to version 3.0 with new look and features like support for events and more.

                                                   photo credit Steve Litchfield AAS
Here is the full changelog

  • Improved visual style with new icons
  • White "Facebook original" theme
  • Post a photo (beta)
  • Post Check in using GPS
  • Events (Details & Attendees shown in info page, "Add to my calendar" -feature, Post RSVP)
  • Haptic feedback
  • Zoom photos: fix width/original size (by tapping the photo)
  • Linking from Notifications to stories improved
  • Inbox/Messages view changed to match Facebook's new messaging system (recipients rather than subject)
  • Search Events
  • Info page show Groups where you/friend belong to
  • Friends view have direct links to My Wall, My Info, My Photos
  • Improved swipe navigation
  • Failed post/comment/like is checked and notified to user
  • Notifications are refreshed when home is refreshed manually
  • Time stamp shows year