31 May 2011

Offical Times of India app available on Ovi Store

Times of India is a famous english news paper popular in india and has released their app on ovi store.Only a few well known publishers have their apps on ovi store like Guardian app and Times of India app is a good addition.

The app took some time to load on my edge connection and takes to the top news section from where you can switch to any of the different categories.The application looks clean i have to say and the landscape mode is ok too.
The articles font can be adjusted and on a single tap on the story you will get fullscreen view a neat additon though no first time use tips included in the app which  would be useful for such features.You can share the news by message,twitter,facebook or email a neat and standard additon.
The app loading time is too slow and no videos is a let down but overall a very usable and free app.