27 April 2011

The Guardian official app for Nokia Smartphone

The Guardian a British National Daily Newspaper which is noteworthy for its in depth coverage in world aswell as technology news has released an app for Nokia smartphones.Unlike others this app stands out from the crowd in design as well as functionality.

 The application is truly designed for a touchscreen in mind and it has done a great job in optimising the landscape reading.

The main feature it stands out is its customisability,from which categories it must show on your homescreen to the selecting the bottom shortcuts,they have made it easy to customise the app for user preferences.
The customisation also includes ability to change the fontsize of an article,you can increase or decrease it to suit your viewing.Also you can favourite an app for future reading and also share it with friends either through email or through facebook but no twitter.
Another great feature is offline reading you can save a category for eg technology for later reading.A new and welcome feature.
The gallery which shows high quality photos that too in easy to acess slideshow mode  with description.

There are some areas where i loved to have some additons including ability to add comments,send via twitter,smooth kinetic scrolling and also fix occasional exiting of app and memmory usage.
That said it occurs infrequently and the app is beautiful fast customisable and hurray to developers and i recommend everyone to try it out.