02 May 2011

MOLOME 1.1.0 beta released now faster and better for more sharing fun

MOLOME the instagram clone for symbian has just got updated and is available for download on the ovistore.This version brings new features and new filters for more fun and also  improvements and bugfixes.The amount of changes are quite large and appreciate the effort that they put into.

The main changes include faster startup,more filters,option to save in memory card and share any photos you have on the gallery.Here are the full changes

  • Speed up application startup time
  • Add File Drive Options for processed images
  • Landscape mode is now available in share form screen and comment dialog. You can now use landscape keyboard.
  • Profiles Page has been redesigned. Twitter/Facebook Sign in and Sign out are now available on Profiles tab.
  • Click-able username is now highlighted
  • Allow picture from Gallery to be MOLOed and shared!
  • Picture is now rotate-able
  • New Effect Filter “Parlo” – New Effect Filter “Crossy” – New Effect Filter “Sunset” – New Effect Filter “Viridescent” – Add two more papers in OldPaper filter
  • Add one more slide film frame
  • Better Auto Level Algorithm
  • Adjust contrast of Vintage and GentleArt effect
  • Fix Tilt Shift Saturation Bug
  • Fix Tilt Shift Unwanted Lower Bar Bug
  • Fix Prediction Text Input Bug
  • Profile page will be automatically refreshed after picture finished uploading
  • Scroll to top by pressing at Top Bar
  • Options to Re-share your own picture to Twitter/Facebook
  • View Follower/Following List
  • Uploading Queue Manager
  • Notifications is now implemented (in beta stage)
  • Add “Confirm Password” field on Registration
  • Add Confirmation Dialog on Exit
  • Fix problem happened with image name in unicode characters
  • Fix many bugs and stability issues