05 May 2011

Flowd app Foursquare for music lovers and more

Flowd is a social networking site bringing artists,fans and music lovers together allowing you to check-in in to cool places of interest,follow your favourite artist and even win some cool prices.The app is qt based and the developers has done a pretty good job making it look wonderful,qt really can make wonders hope to see more apps like these.

As you can see the ui is beautiful and yes more iPhone like but it is the way to go for touch devices.There are five  tabs, flow tabs shows the recent updates of your favourite artist and friends.Places tab is to checkin to cool places of interest eg music show and share with your friends.Artist tab shows featured artist but i couldn't find a way to search for them.Friends tab allow you to invite your friends.The myself tab shows your info and you can take a picture of yourself and upload.
Overall the app is neatly designed,has a good concept and all that needed is more users and artists onboard an app worth checking out if you are a music fan.