18 June 2011

Nokia 5230 Firmware Update v50.1.001 soon

Update:QT doesn't come preinstalled
Update:The update is now available Nokia 5230 Firmware Update 50.1.001 starts today
According to NokiaHDblog new firmware version 50.1.001 for Nokia 5230 and 5233 is being shown on Navifirm.This means that Nokia may be already finalised the update and put it into there servers and may be rolling out in comming weeks.This is not official yet and i don't no when the update will roll out.

The major update with this update is the browser comes to the same version as symbian anna update for symbian^3.Here is the changelog

  • Improved Kinetic Scrolling
  • Nokia Browser NG
  • Ovi map 06.03 +
  • Qt 4.7 (3), Qt mobility 1.01 (3), Qt webkit 4.07 (3)
  • Emoticons
  • Removed contact Ovi
  • Music player with support for lyrics
  • New game DJ Mix Tour
  • PC Suite, Ovi Suite renamed
  • Improved quality of camera
If you have got the update please inform us by adding it to the comments.