29 September 2011

MOLOME 2.0 comming with revamped UI and more

MOLOME had announced that 2.0 version is coming to Symbian with many changes and now we can get an idea about the changes.MOLOME has relased 2.0 version to Blackberry which gives a sneak peak into the changes.

What can we expect

  • in this new version, user interface is newly design for whole. Its cleanness and neatness will bring you far better user experience than before.
  • There are three major tabs at the bottom of screen “Timelines”, “Share” and “Me”. You can find “Timeline” and “Popular” pages in the first tab.
  • Last tab consists of “Notifications”, “Profiles” and “Settings” pages.
  • New Notifications System
  • Notification UI is improved to let user see each type of notification easier. There are now separated tab for each type such as “All”, “Loved”, “Commented”, “Badged” and “Be Followed”
  • Quick Comment
  • You could now even comment easier with quick comment box.
  • Re-share Any Picture
  • In MOLOME™ 2.0, you could share any picture in MOLOME system via social network like Twitter and Facebook.
Please remember that these features are for the blackberry version but most probably will come to Symbian.Besides the fantastic growth of photo sharing app what makes molome important is that it is the best way to send photo to Twitter or Facebook.