01 August 2011

Smartphone Basics Photo Tips

With everyone having a camera phone theses days taking a photo on the go is easy but not always get the best looking one.Though these are inherently the hardware limitations of your phone(Nokia 5230 2 megapixel) but there are a few tips that can help you get a better picture.
The automatic setting of the default camera app works very well for almost all situations and here are a couple of things to get a bit more out of it.

Take Your Time
The camera app will take some time to adjust the surrounding conditions so just wait for a little to take the pic.

Digital Zoom Avoid It
Don't use it thats it.

Light Light and Light
The camera on your phone can't handle dim light so try to take the photo out side and to get the best result take the photo by placing the subject opposite to the light source.

Using Grids
If you place your subject at the point of intersection of grid lines it will be better than at the dead center.

Keep Still
Though difficult try to hold the phone as still as possible.

Clean the Camera Lens
Clean the lens with a nice cloth to remove any dirt or stain this is a easy tip and can have a big impact.

Little info on options
The camera app has a lot of settings like contrast,exposure and more.So what are these for and will it make any change.Here are a couple of settings that you should know about.

Sports Mode
Sports mode is especially useful for fast moving objects like a kid playing.

Night Mode
Use it in dim light conditions

ISO and Exposure
For taking out door photos keep ISO minimum.Increasing exposure will maximize the light used.

White Balance
The white balance can be changed according to the light source.

MOLOME use this take your photo apply an effect and upload to twitter or facebook.Picasa is a great desktop app to easily edit your photo and can really make it better.

So do you have any more tips to add please share it in the comments.