07 August 2011

Psiloc World Traveler

post by @CyberGagan

World Traveler is a breakthrough open platform application developed by Psiloc that is aimed to make a business traveler’s life easier. Its a must have app for any traveller.

  • Travel Plan - enables super efficient trip planning plus automatic synchronization of your trip events with your mobile phone’s calendar and other plug-ins on the platform.
  • Weather - a five day weather forecast and current conditions for around 5000 of the most popular travel locations worldwide. It allows to set and automatic Weather Report showing at the chosen time of the day.

  • World Clock - four analog or digital clocks which show local time at four cities of your choice simultaneously.
  • Hotelzon - check the availability of and book rooms from among the 90,000-plus hotels offered worldwide through World Traveler’s Hotelzon plug-in. Search by location or use GPS localization to find hotels in your immediate vicinity. (Free/Can only be downloaded through World Traveler’s Plug-in Manager)
  • Currencies - automatic currency converter which uses local exchange rates. The currencies plug-in supports daily closing values of 184 exchange rates.
  • World Map - a moving 3D globe which shows day and night zones, with My City and any city selected by the user.
  • Flight Assistant - an airline travel utility to select, track and be alerted to flights (trial/subscriptions available)
  • Travel Safe - a virtual vault on your mobile, which allows you to store sensitive information, such as your driver’s license, insurance card or passport number securely. (EUR 4.95 one-time, lifetime license/fee)

The app is available for free in the OVI for free.