08 July 2011

Web developers take Note Symbian leads Mobile Web Use

Who so ever has used a Symbian phone will know that while every web developer are running like crazy to optimize their sites for Web Kit based Safari browser they turn a blind eye towards another Web Kit based browser with according to Stat Counter the largest mobile web share the Symbian browser.

Unlike those articles where we saw Safari leading the race based on data from mobile Ad Networks which is inherently biased as the most networks only work or are inclined to iOs or Android  while the data from Stats Counter is Unbiased  to any os.With the update to the browser for a large number of new and old Symbian Phones which brings HTML5 and CSS3 support it is really good time for developers to start supporting Symbian phone.
So while some may argue that Symbian is a dying platform they have been saying for years and look even now Symbian holds number one.Read this article to where this orginally appeared.