11 July 2011

Smartphone Basics Push Mail

Push Mail is a service ordinarily found in smartphones allowing you to recieve emails more like SMS right to your phone.A great service if you want to check always on the go.For Symbian devices there builtin aswellas thirdparty services to provide push mail service.Here are the three most important of them.

Nokia Messaging
Nokia Messaging is available inbuilt for many new Symbian smartphones including Nokia 5230 supporting upto 10 accounts.While not too advanced works very well for basic needs.Here is good startup guide 

Mail For Exchange
Mail For Exchange allows you to synchronise with Microsoft Exchange servers but is more difficult to setup.Here is the offical quick start guide

Mobile Documents
Really great service with features like cloud powered document viewing  and more.Unfortunately it is invite only but they promised to add invites soon.

Have any service that you use or like add it in the comments