04 June 2011

URL for Touch Optimised Google Services

While Google has optimised their sites for acess from touch optimised mobile's but they work by default on Android and iPhone only.Though symbian,iPhone and Android browsers are based on the webkit core Google refuses to redirect symbian users to touch optimised sites.These sites can easily be rendered on the default symbian browser.

The default sites that is shown for symbian users is the older version for non-touchscreen devices and very diffcult and feature limited while the desktop sites while has all the features but is diffcult to use and data usage is high.If we try to use opera mobile or opera mini the problems stays and even show less optimised ones though the Google News site is a change which is now optimised for Opera Mini.
Fortunately if we use correct URLs we can acess the version available for iPhone and Android users.So i Have gathered a list of links to touch optimised Google services.

Note:For best experience i recommend Opera Mobile


Google Reader

Google News

Google Books

Google Tasks