22 January 2011

Crazy Penguin Catapault an Angry Birds Alternative

Wishing you could play angry birds on your mobile but don't have the compatible phone,don't worry here is an alternative by digital choclate.The game has some character changes instead birds you have penguins and pigs,there is polar bears.

The story is like this resist the attack of polar bears and rescue the fellow pengins taken prisoners by the bears.So you set of with group of penguins who you must catapult into battle field by aiming correctly.Once all of the penguins are send you must guide the penguins to hit the bears.

There is a minmum amount of bears you must destroy to finish the level.Unlike the angry birds all the penguins have the same power but once acquiring enough stars you will get an upgrade like ice breaker or fire penguin.There are also bonus level to unlock.

The game play gets more challenging after each level and Digital Chocolate are known for their quality games.The game is provided free with in game ads which is bit too frequent,but there is an adfree version too.So enjoy the weekend with fun game and share your thoughts whether you liked the game or not.