27 June 2011

Nokia Drop Updated now select the browser to open url

Last week i reviewed SymPaper  a Read it Later client allowing you to save your favourite url for reading later from phone,Nokia Drop is a similar service which pushes links to the cloud and you can open them on your mobile.Sounds complicated it's simple install the extension for Chrome or Firefox and send the favourite links to your phone.

The app uses push notifications so no need to connect to PC you just need an active internet connection and everything you add from browser will be availble on the phone.With this update version 1.1.1 you can select which browser to open the link.

New features for mobile client

  • respects your choice of browser used for opening urls
  • speaks your language (localization)
  • uses kinetic scrolling capabilities

New support:

  • adds add-on support for Firefox 5.0

Bug fixes:

  • fixes problem with opening Place with latest Maps application

Download the latest version from Nokia Beta Labs