30 June 2011

Nokia 5230 Firmware 50.0.001 changes

Nokia 5230 has got a major update to its firmware bringing it to version 50.0.001 bringing three major changes

The browser has been updated to version which is the same version Symbian^3 phones will get with Symbian Anna update.

The whole ui has been changed now the address cum search bar is at the top,a back and menu key at the bottom.Now it is easy to open multiple windows(maximum 3).To open in new window just press and hold.
The new browser has some basic html5 and css 3 support so new websites will look better.

Slide to Unlock
Addition of a new stand by screen with digital clock and also a swipe to unlock to unlock your phone iPhone style.To unlock just press menu key and swipe.

Now you can smileys to sms and mms.

Found any other changes feel free to comment.