08 May 2011

Borg Facebook client for Symbian with Places support

Last week i reviewed another Facebook client Kasvopus and now here is a new client also based on qt promising some exiting features not available on other apps yet.

The apps supports the usual access to your wall,photos and comment and like anything.But the main feature that puts this app apart is the ability to checkin into Facebook places(launched by Facebook to compete against Foursquare).The app has built in Ovi maps support and shows your position.You can checkin to show your friends you are there and who knows win a gift may be.
 The app is still in beta version and so you may find some features not working,so leave all your queries and suggestions to their support page, Also don't forget to comment.

Update:A new version is available for download from here http://apps.facebook.com/mobileborg/