07 April 2011

UCWeb browser for symbian review

The recent announcement of Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 has recently changed the game for browsing in symbian smartphones read my post here,now i wanted to explore all other available options and i hear more and more about the browser UCWeb.The browser at first glance of long time opera user is not stream lined and beatiful ui as that of opera browsers but has some interesting features that may be of interest to some.

First Impressions
The home screen is well not pretty as opera's but has a lot of builtin bookmarks to popular links.The app is generally snappy feeling faster than Opera Mini.The menu i have to add looks great and has lot customisation options.
UCWeb also like opera mini has proxy compression but is not enabled by default.I tried it on thenextweb.com to know how well it stands.

As you can see the rendering doesn't come close to that of opera mini neither does the fonts but much better than those seen on other mobiles.There is a virtual key for browsing up and down which i feel is a nice addition.Opening tabs and browsing a large webpage never made the app slow and was very fast.The one feature i did miss was that the potrait to landscape switching didn't occur automatically and you had to change setting to either.

Customisation and extra features
The browser had a classic aswell as a night theme.Copying of webpages was much easier than operamini especially free copy which made copying text very easy.The download manager needs a special mention and it is one of the strong points of UCWeb as one of my friend pointed out.

The download was quick and had a good resume feature and detailed info on speed,time to complete etc.
If you wan't a webbrowser with a good download manager then you can try UCWeb other than that i don't see any compelling reason to switch to UCWeb browser.

Download the app from wap.ucweb.com on your phone,the ovi store version is older.Select symbian and then select appropriate version.

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