05 April 2011

Nokia Drop push photos,links to your phone from your browser

Nokia Beta Labs  has just released Nokia Drop an app to push photos and links to your phone.Ever wanted to browse link to your phone but don't want to type the entire thing this app can save your day.Nokia Drop doesn't require a usb or bluetooth connection,it uses your phone's data connection.It uses the push notifications Nokia introduced recently for Nokia smartphones with Nokia Reader,once you send a link or photo it will notify you immediately and doesn't use much battery.

The app has two components a client for your phone and an extension for your pc's browser.I downloaded the app on my Nokia 5230 and installed the extension for firefox,chrome is available too.For s60v5 users the push notification package also need to be installed.The app is qt based so if you haven't installed qt it will prompt you to download it.Dont worry downloading and installation of qt is automatic and one time only.For the first time when you click on the extension icon you need to login using your nokia account.There is a website https://drop.nokia.com where you can view your recent activity.
To send a link just click on the extension icon and the link will be pushed to your phone via your data conneion.To send a photo just right click and select send.
Download the app from here

via[nokia beta labs]