03 April 2011

Angry Birds for s60v5 is actually a modded version monty python's cow toss

Angry Birds is one of the most loved mobile games of all times and many games imitating the game play had been released and one such game called monty python's cow toss by zed world wide.The game is based on the classic "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." and throws cows instead of birds.

The game has bee released for iPhone,iPad and announced to be released for feature phones.Some how the java feature phone version has been modded and the cow and the game play and sounds has been changed to resemble the angrybirds.What people will do when they are deperate(angry birds is only available to symbian^3 with built in graphics card).Funny that while zed worldwide tried to do a ripoff of Angry Birds, modders found that as it is so much like Angry Birds lets just change the cows and the scene as all others are the same.Here are some screen shots

The modded versions are available for s60v3,v5 and symbian^1 devices while i couldn't find the orginal game on any ovi store or any other app store and the offical site http://www.montypythonmobile.com says the mobile version is comming.While i cannot link to it directly as it may be illegal and that if you want you can use google at your own risk.I suggest you wait for the offical release of monty python's cow toss and download it from ovi store.