26 February 2011

Hangman by Spice play Hangman on your phone

Hangman for those of you don't know is a paper and pencil game where one person asks the other to guess a word.he is given clues like the no of letters and if he guess a letter right all the positons that letter occurs will be filled.If he guesses wrong then watch the you can play and see.

So Spice has brought this game to your phone,with a nice interface and well designed game play.The game starts with you selecting the theme i.e the topic and also whether you want classic or daily mode.

The classic mode shows words that comes with the game and daily mode can give you a set of new words each day if you feel there is no more competition left.The game is adsupported so you might want an intrnet connection to play.
After you select a theme you will be given a hint and the number of letters.If you get it right you can see all the positons taken by the letter filled but if you guess wrong then hangman will be completed and you will loose.An intresting and useful timewaster for this weekend.There is another version specially for kids too.
http://store.ovi.com/content/34204(kids version)