03 February 2011

Blockfest Deluxe blowem up timewaster with great 3d graphics

Blockfest Deluxe is an addictive game based on the classic grouping of boxes and blowing up with a 3d twist.The game is available for free with in game ads on ovi store.The graphics and gameplay of the game is smooth to say the least.

The game requires an active internet connection for the ads but they are not too irrittating so don't worry.The objective of the game is simple get the same color boxes together.There are three types of gameplay simple,powerup and solid.In simple you just get the same color boxes together.In powerup you will get as the name powerups once you destroy enough number of blocks.For example lightning is a great powerup which destroys a whole row of boxes.The powerups you unlock are determined by the number and color blocks you destroy.The solid has powerups but is more difficult.

As you cross each level the speed of the boxes increases making it harder and harder.Though the gameplay was smooth getting from one end to other was sometimes a bit difficult may it was me.There is an alternative virtual keys also.The game ends as you gussed when the boxes touches the screen.So you need to go from one end to other to keep the whole length block from not beccoming to long otherwise you will have small area to move.

You will enjoy the game each time you play and will be a nice way to get some action on your phone after all a good graphics game on s60v5 how many are there?So highly recommended go and try and please leave your comments.