05 January 2011

Time waster Air Hockey Free

Here is another game to keep you engaged and to spend the free time.Air Hockey is available for download free from ovi store ad supported and brings air hockey to your phone.Air Hockey is a game for two competing players trying to score points in the opposing player's goal.

Here instead of real opponents we play with AI.You must score five goals to proceed to the next level.The AI doesn't provide much competion in the starting levels but the difficulty increases as you proceed from one level to another.As the game is ad powered by inneractive an ad will be shown when you win or loose a level and so internet connection is required to play the game.
To hit the puck you just have to use your finger to move the mallet in the right direction.With a bit of practice you can easily guide the puck to the opponents goal post.The touch response for the game is very quick .Multiplayer option is missed but the game is fun to play overall a must try.