09 December 2010

News:Ovi suite 3 beta gets updated

Ovi suite 3 beta has got an update to v3.0.0.271.The update brings a number of stability and performance improvements.Here is a list of changes

  • Various crash corrections, for example “crash when editing playlists”, crash when transferring music to device and many more issues
  • If you birthday information to a contact and don’t specify year of birthday, current year will be used.
  • Fixes to situations, where after update of Nokia Ovi Suite, device was not correctly found via USB cable.
  • Fixed issue in home view, where sometimes music album art and music track name didn’t match
  • Fixed situation, where in restore operation got stuck, if the phone connected to charger, when starting restore operation
  • Windows 7 pinning into Windows 7 task bar fixed
  • Latest translation updates taken into use.
  • Fixed situations, where error message didn’t fit into dialog.
The update will be shown the next time you open the ovi suite or you can download it from here