08 December 2010

News:C6 v20.0.041 Firmware Ported to Nokia 5230,5233,5235

Update C6 V40.0.021 ported to 5800/5530/X6/N97/523x by binh24

The c6 firmware was available for nokia 5800 for sometime bringing multiple homescreens and more.Now the firmware is ported to Nokia 5230.Here are the major changes

  • widget homescreen with acess to latest widgets
  • new browser/photoviewer
  • new email app
  • full like c6
  • TTS fully working
  • ovi sotre and ovisync fully working
  • maps 3.04 orginal
  • prehacked installed patchserver

You can read the full post on http://pnht.org/.
NOTE Flashing woth custom firmware can void your warranty and may brick your phone if not careful.Use it at your own risk