15 December 2010

News:Aupeo Releases 20 new free internet radio channel apps to ovistore

Aupeo  has just released 20 internet radio apps to the ovi store.The company provides personalised radio stations meaning you can select what songs to play and also they have a good recommendation system.They have now launched 20 apps each catering to streaming radio channels like best of 80's etc and a 80 more is to follow.

I tested on My Nokia 5230 downloading from ovi store a body beat channel app.The app is very good looking and simple you have a album art area with an option to buy from ovimusic.Buying from ovimusic is a nice touch as ovi music becomes complementary to it.There is also a volume control key and a key to download more apps.

The app uses there an algorithm to recommend users the best songs.The app worked in my edge connection.It would have been wonderful if they had released an all io one app not an app for each channel.
Select the app for the channel you like and enjoy.Download from here