13 December 2010

Apps:Waze for Nokia crowd sourced gps navigation

Waze is a multiplatform(Nokia,Android,Iphone) that gives you free turn by turn navigation.The concept is great each person using the app can record a part of the map he or she travels for others to use.

The above video explains the concept neatly.If you dont have the time here is the short version each person using the app helps update the app passively yes you just have to start the app when you drive and the waze servers do the hardwork for you updating the map and warning you if their is some obstruction ahead.

The map is completely user generated and you can reprot accidents,traffic jam and login into foursquare.If you find a road is not there you have three options
  1. report the problem
  2. press record on the app and start driving
  3. login to www.waze.com to change the map
Neat isn't it.But the only problem is it all depend on the area you live in.If you live in US or Canada it is all set but like me if you are in india the map is far from complete.This will change with more persons using the application.
Download the app from ovistore http://store.ovi.com/content/16466