25 November 2010

News:Ovi Suite 3.0 beta released with new look and features

According to Nokia beta Labs ovi suite 3.0 has been graduated from alpha to beta .There a couple of improvements to look and feel of the app.

What's new in Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0

  • A new, Home view
  • Quick access to my content and sync
  • Recommended apps, games from Ovi Store
  • Recommended music from Ovi Music 
  • Notifications to update your phone software and to take a backup from your phone
  • Smart way to connect to the Internet when you're without fixed connection or WLAN
Introducing Ovi Music

  • Full playback controls
  • Discover and download your favourites from the millions of tracks available on Ovi*
  • Drag and drop music to and from your phone
  • Ovi Music Unlimited support 
  • No need for a separate player

Other improvements

  • Faster and simpler installation
  • Maps view improvements: Single item delete for maps in phone, performance improvements for maps downloading.
  • Stability and sync: We have focused on improvements for sync and stability
  • What we expect from you:

Download Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 Beta and install it on your computer from betalabs