23 September 2010

US The battle that Nokia must win

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobile and has been for a decade now.Even then the nokia's market share and it's revenue is dipping everywhere.I am not talking about steven ellop's entry and how it willl affect the company.Nokia once upon a time was the only thing that we heard of in the mobile sphere with the cool Nseries and the lot.
The nokia brand is no more considered hip and it has direct relationship with the us.Whatever the us makes we(the rest of the world) considers trendy.It can be argued that us is the source for all things best which is true for almost all the things.
  • The online traffic highest from the us
  • all the trends cloth,movies,music from the us
So it's the us that decides for the world whether anything is hip for the rest of the world.While apple knew that and used it's brand and aggressive advertising to winover american hearts.They succede and the smartphone's in the us has now become synonymous with iphone.Nokia went to conquer the world not knowing that you can conquer the world only after conquering us.
Now with stephen ellop as the new ceo,symbian^3 and nokia n8 their is an oppurtunity for nokia for getting their brand back and if they win the us recognition then developer support and the rest of the global image will come back.
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