05 September 2010

News:Silverlight for symbian avilable

silverlight-Symbian-logoImage by Micky.! via Flickr
Though Adobe has failed to bring out flash player 10.1 for symbian which brings desktop flash effects to your phone Microsoft has released its flash alternative silverlight to symbian phones.Silverlight is similar to flash and is a .net framework for the web.Silverlight supports videoplayers,animations etc which can spice up your internet experience on the mobile phone.
The silverlight supports only the s60 browser and opera mobile has no support for it.There are two working examples Bing application and HSN application.
I also got Seesmic Web working.Go to http://store.ovi.com/content/46120 to download Silverlight for symbian.All S60V5 devices are supported.
Enhanced by ZemantaAny one who knows any webapps working please comment i would really like to know.