16 September 2010

How to:Reset your phone

Nokia-5230Image by abulhussain via FlickrAs with any smartphone the Nokia 5230 tends to slow down with time as you install new applications and for reasons unknown.Their can be even extreme cases when the phone shows an error while opening gallery due to data corruption.Anyway the best way to solve this is to reset the phone.
Their are two types of resetting your phone
  1. Soft reset-It means that all your settings will be changed to default but all the data in phone memory will be safe including contacts.For this type*#7780# or goto settings->phone->phone management and restore factoy settings.
  2. Hard reset-Here all the settings and phone memory will be lost including contacts,messages so use it as last resort.You can either use *#7370# or switch on the phone by pressing call green+red+camera buttons.
Note:Phones default code is 12345 or 00000
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