10 September 2010

How to:Create an RSS app for your blog or site with Ovi app wizard

Nokia Ovi logo.Image via Wikipedia
Ovi is a collection of all services that nokia provides.one such service is ovi store the app store for nokia phone's.Ovi store doesn't have the number's to meet with that of apple but it's growing.This growth can be accelerated with a new service which allows you to create an rss app for your blog or site with zero coding and in maybe 15 minutes or less.
Goto oviappwizard.com and click on get started button.The process is a four step one.
  1. In the first step you will be asked to add your rss,twitter,facebook,youtube feeds.
  2. Next step asks for an application icon and your site or blog logo.
  3. There is an option to monitize your app with millenial media or mimpression
  4. You will be asked publisher information and a brief description for your application.
Walla and you are all set and you can publish your app on ovistore.How easy can app creation get this easy.
As you can see i have created an app for my blog.So why wait create an app for your blog.
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