01 September 2010

How to:Converting videos

Nokia 5230 with it's wonderful 3.2" screen is weel suited for watching a movie or short videos.Getting the correct codec,video resolution means a great difference in waching the movies or videos.So i decided to write a post about it.

Video Converter

First of all you need a good software to convert the video.How about a free converter? Format Factory is a great free software with a lot of options.You can get it at http://www.formatoz.com/download.html.

Video or Movie

FormatFactory can handle almost any video format.Aditonally you can convert video to audio also. 
Nokia 5230 supports the following video codecs
Audio codecs include
So with some trial and error i found out the best configuration for nokia 5230.

Note:I used mpeg4(divx) instead of avc because nokia supports avc videos of resolution 240*320.

Also battery drains quicker and x264 encoding is not supported
Max video bitrate i have tried is 2000kb/s but 374 or 768 is recommended.
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