30 August 2010

How to:Updating Firmware

Box of Nokia 5230 Touchscreen PhoneImage by digitpedia via FlickrUpdating phone firmware is very important to get the most out of your phone.Updating your phone can
  • New features
  • Performance improvements
  • application updates
So updating your phone is very important.Their are three ways for updating your phone firmware.
  • Giving it to nokia service centre
  • Update using Nokia software updater or Ovi suite
  • Over the air update
Giving it to a nokia  service center is free only when you are under warranty period otherwise you will be charged.
I will recommend updating using ovi suite because it supports both application and firmware updates and also nokia software updater has an error which makes downloading of firmware infinite.
Over the air update means updating using your phone itself.
For that dial *#0000#  press options->check for updates.
If a newer firmware is available you will be asked whether to download.The main advantage is that the download is smaller.

Latest nokia 5230 Firmware 21.0.005
beta version of nokia software updater supports application updates

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