05 August 2011

Procalc5 an Advanced Calculator for Symbian and much more

This is a Guest post by @CyberGagan if you would like to write one contact me at @jerrinfrancis1

Procalc5 is a cool Scientific Calculator app that I found recently in the OVI Store after searching a lot. It's a QT based app that is designed keeping 'touch freindliness' in mind. As it is based on QT, the swipe gestures & transitions are quite fluid. It provides all the functions of an advanced  calc. The function key bar can be scrolled horizontally to access advanced scientific functions such as trignometric, inverse trignometric, log/antilog etc .


Apart from that it has--

  •  Script Editor- which offers the functionality to write and run programs in a JavaScript based syntax.
  • Chart- To visualize functions defined script Editor.
  • Sharing- You can also Upload, Share & Download scripts from 5thware.de

I don't think there is any app available with such vast functionalities.It's a paid app available for just Rs. 25 in India from OVI Store.