19 June 2011

What does it mean to have a smartphone(yes Nokia 5230 is a smartphone)

Before their was Apple's and Android's there was Symbian which made its humble appearance in Tom Cruise's Minority Report in 2000.Yes Nokia has a thing with introducing their phones through Hollywood movies Nokia 5800 Batman The Dark Knight and recently Nokia N8 through Tron Legacy,sadly Nokia 5230 didn't have any such one.

Symbian had rained supreme till iPhone came and its on a downward path ever since,but it is the best mobile os you may have ever seen which is proved by the best battery life than any other os.Symbian has been built from the ground up for a mobile environment unlike the mobile optimised desktop os like ios(Mac osx) and android(Linux).This is shown by the fact that Symbian doesn't require a dual core processor or 1 gb ram.

The problem with Symbian was that they didn't innovate fast enough creating poorly optimised s60v5 for touchscreens and failing to attract developers.But they did try to make things right however late by introducing Ovi Store and qt platform for app development.

So having a Nokia 5230 'a smartphone' what does it mean,what benefit will it give you i will be writing a series of articles t unlock the potentials of your smartphone.The series will be named 'smartphone basics' and you can expect a new article every week.