08 April 2011

Star Diamond Capture puzzle game with some multiplayer fun

Diamond Capture by Star Arcade is a fun puzzle game for your phone both iPhone and Nokia bringing some cool multiplayer fun.Star Arcade is Finland based social game developer having presence in all the three najor platforms.They want to develop games with good graphics,game play and some social elements to it.
Diamond Capture has ok graphics some cool ones on the logo but not much in the gameplay and after all it is a puzzle game and what can you expect.The sounds are cool and the multiplayer factor gives some unpredictability.

The gameplay is simple move the diamonds so that the same coloured ones come in a row or column.The more you get right more points you get.The first person to get the highest point wins.There is an option chat with players and ask for a rematch.Finding a player was fast and the gameplay was smooth.A recommended game for killing some time.