02 January 2011

Time waster Marv The Miner 2

Marv the miner is a fun game available for free from ovistore.The game is a classic 2d game with enough to keep you going for hours.

You play as Marv and you have to guide him through levels,get points,avoid monsters and not fall down.The free version is ad supported so you must have an internet connection to play the game,don't worry it will not affect the game play.

The game has 20 levels and you have to highlight all the platforms to get to the next.There is a time limit after that your life will be lost.Falling can also loose your life.You can get diamonds to get points and also there are monsters at higher levels to make game interesting.You can escape monsters using teleports etc.Overall a fun game to play on your phone.The virtual keys are ok to play.
Download the game for free from ovistore http://store.ovi.com/content/63111