28 January 2011

Sugarsync backup,share and acess all your files on the cloud

Sugarsync like dropbox and many other services provides cloud storage to all your files and acess it on any where.The notable difference is that none of them have support for symbian not something new but sugarsync has a client for s60v5 and symbian^3 devices.

The sugarsync has free and paid plans while the free plan has 5gb storage ,the paid plan starts at $4.99/month with 30gb storage.With the free plan user can backup files from unlimited devices and also choose which all devices to be synced with a single account and acess it on any device.The desktop client supports windows and mac,while the mobile client has support for symbian,apple,android,blackberry and also has a mobile web interface.Once the desktop client is installed you can select which all folders is to be shared or place the files in a special folder called magic briefcase which will be acessible from any device.

The mobile client can be downloaded from ovi store and is free to download and use.The inteface is clean and shows all your devices where the sugarsync is installed.You can acess your files shared fromany device and also upload your files.There is an option to share files to your friends by email .

Streaming of music would have been a good addition but overall a good and working solution to backup and acess all your files.